Jewellery Care

Tips for looking after your jewellery

Salt & Wild jewellery is made from high quality, recycled and sustainable materials so you can wear your jewellery for as long as you want. However,jewellery needs to be looked after. Here are some tips on how to care for your jewellery so it stays looking as beautiful as the day you received it.


The best way is to wear it! However, if you have to take it off you should store silver jewellery in a sealed plastic bag, airtight box or wrap it in acid free tissue paper. This will keep out the air that causes oxidation. 

You should always remove jewellery before swimming as the chemicals in swimming pools, will cause tarnishing. Other chemicals that can cause tarnishing are cleaning products, shampoos and soaps. Always remove your jewellery before showering or cleaning. However, If your jewellery does tarnish, follow the steps below for restoring shine.


Salt & Wild jewellery is made from solid recycled silver. This means that if it gets scratched, tarnished or dented it can be repaired and re polished to bring it back to it’s original beauty. This can normally be done at your local jewellery shop or sent back to me and I will happily clean your piece of jewellery. My cleaning prices start from £30.

However, you can clean your piece at home. I recommend using a soft toothbrush (preferably an old one!) and some washing up liquid. You can get things like silver dip but personally i wouldn’t recommend it. Do take extra care if you are cleanij your own piece of jewellery. If you are unsure of anything please ask at your local jewellery shop or contact me.


Remove your jewellery before any physical exercise or activity that involves contact with other people, equipment or hard objects. Sterling silver as well as sea glass can scratch and it is best to remove your jewelelry to avoid this.


Always store your jewellery pieces separately so that they don’t rub together, scratch or tangle. Hanging necklaces, with the chains fastened can help avoid tangling. Do not store jewellery next to radiators, on windowsills in the direct light or in the bathroom. Damp and hot conditions will also cause tarnishing.



It is best to remove your jewellery before swimming in either a pool or the sea. Swimming pools have quite a lot of chemicals in and this will tarnish the silver over time. 

Surfing, SUPing and Swimming in the sea causes your hands to get cold, your fingers shrink and you can resurface, unfortunately, with out your ring. So if you can,  leave your ring somewhere safe before getting into your wetsuit.



Sea glass is a beautiful, ethical alternative to using stones. It is however glass and can crack or chip if it is knocked or dropped. The nature of sea glass is that it has been tumbled in the ocean, for years if not decades. It therefore has lots of tiny scratches and marks all over it. This is what makes sea glass so unique and beautiful. Over time you may find that your sea glass becomes slightly shinier.