Our story so far…

About Salt & Wild

I am lucky that my home and my studio are buried deep in the middle of a forest. I am surrounded by nature, by trees and only a few minutes from the coast. These dramatic elements are an inspiration not just to my designs but also the ethics behind the business.

Salt & Wild’s Ethos

It’s simple. To create stunning timeless jewellery, ethically created here on the South coast of the UK. Each piece is carefully handmade using only recycled materials, meaning it is perfect for someone who chooses to make sustainable, environmentally aware choices.



Salt & Wild’s Mission

Our mission is to create rustic, beautiful jewellery that can be worn for life. Each piece of jewellery will be created using Eco, recycled Sterling Silver, sea glass and other ethically sourced materials where possible. 

The whole business will have the smallest possible footprint on the planet and where possible we will participate in projects that give back both to the planet and the community.

We use only recycled, Eco silver

Each piece of jewellery is made to order in our studio on the South coast of the UK. We believe in quality over quantity, meaning we are not left with excess stock. We use only recycled Eco silver where possible. When we do have ‘scrap’ silver from off cuts or broken jewellery this gets melted down and reformed into new jewellery. This means our studio is as zero waste as possible. 

Sea Glass

Sea glass is exactly that, glass that comes from the sea. Years ago it was normal practice to dump bottles in the sea and over time these bottles have been broken and washed by the motion of the sea and the salt to create stunning smooth glass pieces that I then use to make jewellery. Sometimes I keep these in their original form other times they are shaped to create stunning pieces for ethical engagement rings, necklaces and bracelets.