5 reasons to buy ethical jewellery

5 reasons that buying ethical jewellery is a good idea


1.Kindness is key. By purchasing ethical jewellery from a business like ourselves, that support planet friendly production with fairmined metals and plastic free packaging


2. You are buying metal that has been recycled. Recycled silver has been used before either in medical equipment, scraps from other jewellers of old jewellery melted down. We work closely with out silver provider to make sure the silver that is used in Salt & Wild’s jewelley is of the highest quality


3. Salt & Wild produce high quality jewellery that is made to last. Buying cheap jewellery will inevitably break and not only have you lost money but the jewellery you have brought may just end up in landfill


4.We only produce small batches of our jewellery if not as and when it is ordered. This means we don’t have excess waste stock if a design isn’t popular


5. Salt & Wild is a small business that relies on support from customers like you. Your purchase supports independent artists and makers, making you a supporter of the little guy.


And….our jewellery is really beautiful 😉 What piece have you had you eye on?