Let’s make 2021 the most eco conscious yet

unrecognizable female tourist admiring lake in mountains


The beginning of the year is a great time for people to think about their habits. These can either be habits they want to break or ones they want to start.

Most people have forgotten or stopped doing their resolutions by January 16th! That isn’t long. I decided to make my resolutions about small changes that I could make to make this year the most eco-conscious yet. 

Have a look at out ethics & sustainability page to see the changes being made with in Salt & Wild

Have you managed to stick to yours or could you start again making one small change to help the planet or live more consciously. 

My resolutions

Here is a snap shot of some of my resolutions (and what I have done about them!)

  1. Recycle more – I’m pretty on this (I have been known to pull things out of the bin if they can be recycled) but there is still room for improvement. I am looking into different ways to recycle more plastic that unfortunately seems to be everywhere!
  2. Turn off lights… This is something i really need to work on. I am guilty of leaving lights on but I do think I have been better this year
  3. Eat less meat…So far this year we haven’t bought any meat so i think we have got this!
  4. Use less plastic in things like shampoo and face creams… So i really struggle with plastic free shampoo bars as my hair is so curly and dry. Any recommendations?  As for skin care I have started using FaceTheory stuff and I love it. It is plastic free as it all comes in glass jars.
  5. Shop local…This one I am particularly passionate about but I know I still have changes to make. we have an incredible market here, South coast Makers Market that fully supports local makers and artists. It is where I did most of my Christmas shopping and when they are back running I will be looking to make more swaps to local makers
  6. Don’t use AMAZON. I have probably bought 3 things from there in my whole life. But here it is written down for you all to see I WILL NOT SUPPORT AMAZON
  7. Buy period pants….. THESE ARE A GAME CHANGER. Thank you Cheeky Wipes. I love my new period pants
  8. Plant more trees… Salt & Wild teemed up with One Tree Planted last year but i don’t think i shout about it enough. This year we will be doing loads of incentives to plant extra trees.
  9. Use plastic free sellotape…. I was going to do a IG post over Christmas showing you an empty role of Sellotape (it’s always better to use what you have than throw it out and buy something more “eco”). But then I found another 3 roles… I pledge to not buy any more plastic tape
  10. Buy a wormery…… I really want one. I love the look of these ones from Wiggly Wigglers (great name too)


How are you getting on with your resolutions. Remember you can make these at any time. start small with easily accomplished goals.


Good luck