Mother’s love necklace and why it is so special to me

ethical mothers day jewellery

I remember the day it happened, my wife was working an hour away and promised to be on her phone if ever i needed her. I was sat watching my pregnancy guilty pleasure (Jane the virgin!!) and i felt my waters burst, nothing major like in the movies but my labour had started and things were about to change forever.

My pregnancy wasn’t bad, my labour wasn’t bad (a few sketchy moments and a trip in an ambulance) but this isn’t the case for so many Mamas. I have friends and family members that have miscarried, I’ve known people who gave birth to their babies for them to only live a few weeks and there are people out there desperate to hold a baby in their arms but for whatever reason it just isn’t happening. To a lot of people this is very real.

It’s for this reason I have decided to donate a percentage of profits from the sale of the Mother’s love necklace to a charity that helps people. But this is where I am stuck, how can I choose, there are so many charities that do amazing work helping people concieve, counseling people after loss, helping put food in hungry children’s mouths, helping a mama when her whole world has been turned upside down.

I need your help, please could you suggest a charity that is close to your heart. I don’t need to know any details but I just want to make sure that we all help each other. and if i can do just a tiny bit to help through selling jewellery then this will make me smile.

so please  comment with your suggestions or send me a message

To all the Mamas out there…


You are doing an amazing job, you are enough and although the days seem long the years are short. Hold those tiny hands in yours


Jenna (Mama to Luna)