Why I chose to use recycled silver

Beautiful jewellery has been produced for as long as people can remember. Fabulous creations often using precious metals have been seen as a status symbol throughout history.

However the ugly truth behind these wonderful pieces of jewellery is that the gold and silver that has been used has been mined. Often the work conditions in these mines are extremely dangerous and the people working there are not paid or treated fairly.

I honestly believe that we, as consumers, are looking for a different way of doing things. I know that I look for ethically produced clothes, I try to buy second hand and definitely buy quality over quantity.

My decision to use recycled ‘Eco’ silver wasn’t just to meet the needs of the consumer they were also my led by my personal ethical compass. I believe we can still have beautiful jewellery without taking more from our planet and asking others to work in conditions that we would find appalling. Mining silver has a huge negative impact on the environment it causes erosion and contaminates the land and water around it

I chose to use recycled silver for Salt & Wild because it helps limit the amount of metal that is needed to be mined, it reduces waste from landfill and I think there is something truly magical about turning something old into something new.

But I knew just using recycled silver wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more. So I have pledged to use only recycled materials for my marketing, I use sea glass collected from UK beaches and my power in my studio is created by renewable energy.