Welcome to Salt & Wild

Hi! I just wanted to pop a quick post up to welcome you to Salt & Wild and to introduce myself. My name is Jenna and I started Salt & Wild in 2019 after having my fist child. a great time to try and start a new business really, a lack of sleep and your whole world being turned upside down but hey….why not!

I knew when i began that I wanted Salt & Wild to follow the ethos that i live by. To try and leave the smallest footprint on this planet that is practically possible. It is a constant journey and I am learning new things and discovering new ways that i can have a smaller impact on the world while still (hopefully) producing jewellery that people love.

From the very beginning I used ‘eco silver’ this is silver that has been melted down from old broken jewellery or used in photography that is then repurposed and available to use in jewellery making